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Txmotion Tx-5

Txmotion Tx-5

Sport, Commute, Explore

Txmotion Pedelec bike is a bike with electric extra push that assist you only when you pedal.

With Txmotion’s smart control, you may turn on Pedelec function by one switch seamless transition, and the assisted power is controlled by your free will, no need to have a panel setting manually.

To take Txmotion Tx-5 City Bike is to make you explore more, and still have fun for sport.

Wherever you go, the long cruising distance per charge and easy ridding allow you to feel free and go further. !

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Specification City Bike
Model TX-5
Frame 6061 Aluminum
Size 700C*53CM
Color* Black
Speed Shimano 21s
Brake V-Brake HJ808PE
Front Derailleur Shimano (FDTZ31)
Rear Derailleur Shimano (RDTY300)
Shift Lever Shimano (STEF41)
Crank Set FCTY301,48/38/28/1 70MM
Freewheels MF-TZ500-7,1428
Hub Front-3MEN, Rear-Quando-KTA11R Tire
Tire 700C*35C
Weight (incl. Battery) 18.5 Kg
Electric Specification  
Motor 250W (Front) DC Brushless  
Li-Ion Battery 36V, 8.7Ah, rear rack type
Charger 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Txmotion Controller 21- level power assisted
Max Speed (power mode) 25km/h
Cruising Distance** 100 Km
Charging 6 HR

- * Standard color
- ** Cruising Distance is subject to the road conditions and ridding behavior.
- Spec. Subject to change without notice.