About TxMotion

About TxMotion

TxMotion stands for the electric vehicle product series from 3MEN Technology, a company that started in mid-90’s with decade’s experiences in advanced automation Industrial field.

With increase demand and awareness of “green” life-style, TxMotion has started developing the power-assisted wheel since 2006, which kicked off the electric vehicle milestone, and invented “Pedelec/ ebike Hub system” for our Pedelec /eBikes.

TxMotion is well-prepared to step-in and develops consumer life-style electric vehicle solutions for daily and recreation purposes by leveraging 3MEN unique and professional technology strength.

Today TxMotion Pedelec bikes are already shipped to markets with direct field proven in different environmental and weather conditions. Expecting more TxMotion bikes on the road, as well as other vehicle applications with TxMotion-inside electric vehicle solutions.

TxMotion's controller has got the approval of EN ISO13849-1.

EN 13849-1 歐盟認證 EN 13849-1 歐盟認證